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The conception of the site - to develop popularity of hand-made garnment
We offer ready-made Knitting KITs to try on your own skills in Crafes as a part of Arts
Our Yarn is produced on different Latvian plants (EU standarts) 
and has a variable choice in colours to match 


ABOUT YARN:"Жили были варежки" © Čekina Jelena http://knitting-with-love.jimdo.com/

- yarn is made in Latvia, 100 years tradition ECO technology
- yarn is chosen due to specific features of multi-color jacquard knitting ornament
- 100% wool - has natural lanoline cover which is kept by special dyeing technology
- Shetland Fingering Yarn -  New Zealand sheep

- after washing yarn becomes softer and slightly fluffed

- washable up to 30 degrees

- powders without whitening effect

- no peeling

- steam process can give certain felt effect - this feature is especially important for perfect mittens

  ECO product  BAMBOO needles